Troy - Internet Marketer
So, you want to know more about me.. OK, you twisted my arm.
I am a part time Internet Marketer.
(depending on the workload with my graphics work)
and I am also a proud Dad and Husband.
I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne has been voted the world’s 3rd most liveable city in 2009.

Some would argue that though, as we sometimes seem to have 4 seasons in one day,
the weather never makes up its mind.. You can read about Melbourne HERE if you like.

I am a student of Taekwondo and martial arts and love playing tennis and squash and
would like to start up my gym membership again, ( It is on my 2010 goal sheet ).

I have a diploma in photography from a very good photography college and have had my work displayed in small local restaurants, offices and temporary shop galleries. I did professional photography for a little while but decided that because I love having the freedom to photograph
what I want and when I want, I’d prefer not to do it for a living.
I’ve still kept photography as my passion and my creative outlet.

I am married to a wonderful wife of 14 years who has endured my insatiable thirst for an internet lifestyle and the trials and tribulations of my internet marketing journey.

My wife works part time as a senior carer/nurse because she likes what she does and it gets her out
of the house to have a good chat and meet new people ( her words not mine )


My Introduction Into Internet Marketing

I started online in 2003, late compared to some people I know, However I did not really look into making money online till about 2005-2006 due to career commitments in the retail sector and family commitments.

Plus, I was also involved in an MLM company that consumed up a lot of my time.. more on that later.

Actually, I wanted to spend more time with my family and have a better lifestyle, and this was the driving force for me to find a way to work from home. I wanted to raise one of my boys and watch him start his first day of school. I wasn’t there when my first son started school, but I was there for my second son and that meant the world to me and I know it meant the world to him. Sometimes, it’s the little things that you remember in life, don’t you agree?

During my years online I met up with some individuals who were less that savoury, guided me in the wrong directions and flat out lied to me.

Things like matrix programs, 2 up programs, powerlines systems, paid to surf programs, and various other money making ventures, etc..
I hate to think how many people got ripped off by companies over the years by these individuals running away with their money or getting nabbed by the FBI.

Then I joined more product based companies and MLM’s only to have the companies close up shop or change the business model to the point that it no longer represented the business I joined in the first place.

However, it turns out that it was a huge learning experience and has taught me what not to do.

So I decided to build something for myself that I had some degree of control over and I started to do graphic design work. A small business and hobby of mine and I actually love it.

I also started learning about Affiliate Marketing and started to make money on the internet.

This leads me to meeting up with a guy called Mark Ling of Affilorama.com in 2008. He has made millions online and is a very smart Internet Marketer.

I was lucky enough to have lunch with him at one point when he was in Australia (because he is so busy these days) and I have to say that it didn’t take long to see that Mark marches to a different beat of the drum and in a good way too.

He is a very upbeat and positive guy and boy does he know his stuff.

You can read about Affilorama below…


He basically (in a nice way) kicked me up the butt and got me to take some more action in life and I now have the privilege of being a moderator on the Affilorama forum.

I try my best to post there once a day.

So that’s it folks.

I am now continuing on in my journey in 2010 and beyond.

I have big goals and dreams for the next few years and consider this new decade,  ( labelled  ‘The Teens’  here in Australia) to be one of taking massive action and helping others achieve what they want to achieve in life.

I wish you all the best for the Teens everyone.

Learn what you need to and Take Massive Action.




“To be nobody but myself – In a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else – Means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting”

– E.E. Cummings (1894 – 1962)